Rough Cutt Pitbulls

Rough Cutt Pitbulls
Hicks bred dogs





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Hicks Terriers/Rough Terriers -Total package working dogs

Our dogs are the Total Package Working Game Dogs  this breed has ever seen.

We are one of the last few to have " built a line from totally from scratch  and not off the backs of others".

This is not a sales pitch! These are facts!


It took over 40 years/4 long decades of knowledge of the breed to do what few has ever built in this breed.

It also took  well over 20 years / 2 decades of doors closed to the open public. Building & re building  a family from  starting with dogs from scratch not off  the the backs of others big names .

Not only did we use some of the best form each of  these well know families represented but  also some of the purest from each families .

We run what we called "LINE BRED BATTLE CROSSES". these are woven together to bond even greater than just mere crosses.

Very few in the History of the breed has done what we done  & that was to create and have hands on with each and every one  for "18 strait generations . 

And still going!

A thing  not even your most of your house hold names had even done  or any other breed of dog  !


These are not dogs bought from one person sold to another but dug out of the mud and built one stone at a time.

We used some of the best that the 20th Century had to a develop a strong combination of " over 20 pure of the top pitbull's bloodlines"  that made some of the biggest  impact on the breed in the 20 Century !

While most brag on 1 or 2 great dogs that there dogs come down from , we have too many to count from both known and unknown.

Chances are what another brags about we either have either that same stuff in our dogs or something related to it + more to bring out the best in it !

Another thing that's different from  most is that  our  family is  compatible with just about most families of pitbulls today yet different from all families of pitbulls of today. 

That means more often it will compliment what you may already feed regardless of what you feed.

Our dogs do it all & they excel in  Legal  HOG  Hunting,  Vermit Control,  Weight Pull  and  Confirmation Shows and even bite work

Thank you for your time.

The dog that started it all

Hicks Bad Dream aka Hicks Crazy Horse is the male that started it all


Cover of the ADBA Gazette


New Foundation dog

 Hicks Crossfire ( Fat Head)  one of the modern day foundation dogs!

Proven Hicks bloodline Hog Hunters seen on TV!!!!! Legal Purposes Only!

 Used for Legal Hog Hunting Only!!!  Hicks pitbull bloodline has been on both the ADBA Gazette Cover & TV's  A&E show " American Hoggers",  Season Finally ,season 2.  Catch dog for team Creek.


Hicks Back Scratcehr on this seasons American Hoggers

     Hicks Back Scratcher( CoCo) on Tv's American Hoggers

Still going strong.

    Hicks Shot Clip aka Jack Jack  a belly mate to Hicks Mango

Proven Problem Vermin Catchers

  Hicks CoCo Puffs(Full sister to Bossman) . Vermin Catching at 6 months old.

Weight Pull

                                                              Cross Fire

Hicks Yummy Yummy



   Hicks Phase #2       

 Hicks Slim Jim

Common Factor of Ziggy's top & Bottom  Hicks Apollo was born in 1992.  Common factor of Ziggy's top & bottom side in Hicks Family of dogs

Articles about us in ADBA Gazette